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Example Backendless Projects

  1. Save and Retrieve Data (Word Doc) (Example App)
  2. Overwrite Existing Record (Word Doc) (Example App)
  3. Paging through data (Word Doc) (Example App)
  4. Filter results with a query (Word Doc) (Example App)
  5. Display multiple objects’ data in a ListView (Word Doc) (Example App)

Fix Android Studio Build Tools Version:

You can change the build tools version to the latest installed version.

Open your “app” folder and find the “build.gradle” file inside that folder.

Note: there is another “build.gradle” file in the “Gradle Scripts” folder – that is not the file you want.


Change the value of the “buildToolsVersion” attribute to a different version number.


As of Spring 2017, we have version 23.0.3 installed, so you change that last “2” to a “3” and make it work.  You can also use a later version (it’s recommended to use the latest version).

Check which versions you have installed from the menu screen (you have to close your projects to get there).

  • Click “Configure,” then “SDK Manager.”
  • Click the “SDK Tools” tab.
  • Click “Show Package Details” checkbox at the bottom right.
  • Check which version numbers you have installed under “Android SDK Build-Tools.”