Linn-Mar Robotics Visit Autodesk’s education site to download Inventor and other software for free (for students and educators)

COTS Parts Library: This library is a collection of Autodesk Inventor CAD files relevant to FRC and FTC.  (COTS = “commercial off the shelf”)

VersaFrame 26×30: This simple model is just a quick drive frame that you can build on. It is centered nicely on the origin planes with the floor at the right height for 4″ wheels, and it is modeled from VersaChassis parts.

973 RAMP videos: videos by Adam Heard of FRC Team 973 showing how to design drives, gearboxes, elevators, arms, and more. Great videos for learning CAD concepts. He uses SolidWorks, but most of the content is not specific to that CAD program.

DummyBot: A simple CAD model of an FRC drive base mock-up. It is intended as a starting point for building manipulator ideas.

Robot Arm Design Exercise
his exercise is a work in progress, but the eventual goal is to create a detailed tutorial to teach team members how to design a robot arm.